Understand Key Real-Time Metrics
Collect, store and present R-PHY device (RPD) configuration and operational data for actionable insight on DAA deployments
Core-Independent & Standards-Compliant
Connect directly to standard-compliant R-PHY devices without any dependence on other CCAP cores (i.e. principal)
Visualize R-PHY Metrics
Establish an RPD-centric, time-sensitive view of your DAA network from detailed metric timelines
Understand Operations
Direct access to RPD configuration values and status/performance allow for comparison between RPDs and configurations spanning up to 30 days
Advanced Operational Details
Detailed information on RF channel configuration, PTP status and health, traffic and throughput status, Intelligent RF Amplifiers, and more
Integration with Other Systems
An open API (REST) enables easy integration with current and future systems

Key Benefits

  • Confirm new configurations will perform as expected with real-time vs. historic metric comparisons
  • Identify issues on R-PHY devices before they impact service and customers
  • Find continuous improvements with real-time monitoring vs. historical performance analysis
  • Integrates quickly and simply with existing tools using R-PHY Monitor open APIs
Entra R-PHY Monitor
Entra R-PHY Monitor


Entra Product Suite

Entra Access Node EN2100
Entra Access Node EN8100
Entra SC-1D Access Node_400
Entra SC-1D Access Node
Entra SC-2D Access Node_400
Entra SC-2D Access Node
FPXT-B OLT Line Card_400
Entra FPXT-B OLT Line Card
Entra-DAA Access Controller
Entra Access Controller
Entra R-PHY Monitor
Entra DV-12_400
Entra DV-12
Interactive Video Controller
Legacy LQA_Front_View_400
Entra Legacy QAM Adapter
Entra Video QAM Manager
Entra SF-4X Access Node 400
Entra SF-4X Access Node