Independent R-PHY Node Vendor
Inter-operable and flexible design, supporting multiple vendors' traditional and virtual CCAP cores
Full Spectrum DOCSIS 3.1
Deliver maximum DOCSIS 3.1 throughput with full spectrum support up to 1.2GHz downstream and 258 MHz upstream
A Truly Intelligent, Managed Device
Accelerates and automates installation configuration and drives ongoing in service time and quality
Part of the Entra D3.1 Ecosystem
Supported by: R-PHY Monitoring, Legacy QAM solutions / Video management and multiple R-PHY Nodes
Highest Density and Compact Design
Reduces installation cost, fits in all cabinets and mounts everywhere
Standards Compliant, CCAP Core Agnostic
A non-proprietary, no vendor “lock-in” solution

Key Benefits

  • Benefiting from a single software code base, supporting a family of Entra R-PHY nodes, ensures: maximum CCAP core interoperability, global standards compliance, largest feature set and ongoing reliability
  • Global certification compliance in single hardware solution results in a highly competitive product driven by global economies of scale


Entra Access Node EN2112
Entra Access Node EN2112


Entra Product Suite

Entra Access Node EN2100
Entra Access Node EN8100
Entra SC-1D Access Node_400
Entra SC-1D Access Node
Entra SC-2D Access Node_400
Entra SC-2D Access Node
FPXT-B OLT Line Card_400
Entra FPXT-B OLT Line Card
Entra-DAA Access Controller
Entra Access Controller
Entra R-PHY Monitor
Entra DV-12_400
Entra DV-12
Interactive Video Controller
Legacy LQA_Front_View_400
Entra Legacy QAM Adapter
Entra Video QAM Manager
Entra SF-4X Access Node 400
Entra SF-4X Access Node