Vecima Provides Distributed Access Architecture Technology Integration with Technetix

October 13, 2020

Victoria, B.C. – (October 13, 2020) – Vecima Networks Inc. (TSX:VCM) announced an agreement today to provide customers with its market leading Entra Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) solutions integrated with the Technetix DBx platform. The agreement offers the competitive advantage of network design flexibility and includes integration of Vecima’s core agnostic Entra™ ERM112 Access Module.

Entra DAA technology is built on global standards and leads the industry in interoperability across CCAP cores and integration with 3rd party node housings. By focusing on software interoperability, Vecima has delivered proven investment protection and diversity of supply for mission critical DAA nodes that support future technology deployments. With a compact, highly efficient hardware design, an integration tuned for performance and operational simplicity with other vendors’ node housings is faster than ever before. This open, tunable approach is driving an accelerated adoption of a DAA enabled future.

“The worldwide cable access ecosystem has evolved organically over the past six decades, with the industry on the cusp of extraordinary advancements in network capacity and speed. Regional variations on form factor and technical features require a very flexible approach to avoid forklift upgrades,” said Sumit Kumar, CEO of Vecima. “Asking service providers to replace all of their non-DAA nodes with new DAA units isn’t always feasible. Open, mixed-technology networks are, and should be, the expected network architecture to promote the adoption of technology breakthroughs like ours, and make DAA a reality.”

The Technetix DBx platform is modular and able to be deployed as an amplifier or fiber deep node. DAA provides new opportunities for operators through the use of Ethernet-based digital fiber and PHY processing at the edge: reduced hub space and power, improved RF capacity, and vast improvement in fiber utilization to support convergence of business, wireless, and residential services. With over one million DBx units fielded in broadband networks globally, Vecima’s ERM112 module allows any of these units to be upgraded to a fully CableLabs compliant DOCSIS 3.1 DAA node.

“Outfitting our DBx product with Vecima’s DAA module was an easy decision that was even easier to integrate. Like Vecima, Technetix is about making it simple for customers,” said Paul Broadhurst, CEO of Technetix. “We’re collectively fast-tracking a path to DAA for our customers that dramatically simplifies deployment and operations.”

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Vecima Networks Inc. is a global leader focused on developing integrated hardware and scalable software solutions for broadband access, content delivery, and telematics. We enable the world’s leading innovators to advance, connect, entertain, and analyze. We build technologies that transform content delivery and storage, enable high‑capacity broadband network access, and streamline data analytics. For more information, please visit our website at

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Dedicated to helping cable operators better compete – and win – Technetix is a trusted, professional and customer-focused global provider of network services. Founded in 1990, the company is passionate about engineering and prides itself on helping customers serve millions of subscribers every day. Technetix listens, innovates and delivers technologically advanced products and solutions that enable flexible, powerful networks; increase revenue and market share, and provide a better service experience. With cutting-edge solutions like DBx, Virtual Segmentation and Remote PHY, Technetix is a partner that cable operators can count on to achieve their most ambitious goals. The company sells into leading cable operators in 70 countries.

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