What types of products does Vecima Networks build?

Vecima’s business is organized into three segments: (1) Video and Broadband Solutions, (2) Content Delivery and Storage, and (3) Telematics:

(1) Video and Broadband Solutions include families of platforms and modules that process data from the cable network and deliver it in formats suitable to be consumed on televisions and internet devices. Terrace and TerraceQAM are two key product families in this segment which meet the needs of the business services vertical including MDU (multi-dwelling units) and Hospitality.

(2) Content Delivery and Storage includes solutions and software for industries and customers that focus on storing, protecting, transforming, and delivering high value media assets.

(3) Telematics provides fleet managers with the key information and analytics they require to optimally manage their mobile and fixed assets under the Contigo, Nero Global Tracking, and FleetLynx brands.

Further product information can be found in our general website at www.vecima.com

What exchange(s) do Vecima Networks securities trade on?

Vecima Networks securities trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the stock symbol “VCM”. In the United States, the Company’s shares are quoted over-the-counter under the symbol “VNWTF”. On the Berlin Stock Exchange, the Company’s shares are quoted over-the-counter under the symbol “VCNT.BE”.

What are your Annual and Interim Filing Periods?
  • Q1  July 1 – September 30
  • Q2  October 1 – December 31
  • Q3  January 1 – March 31
  • Q4  April 1 – June 30
How can I get financial information about Vecima Networks?

All Vecima Networks’ financial documents are available on SEDAR

Additionally, our annual reports, quarterly reports and other supplemental information can be found in our Investors section under Financials on our website.

You can also obtain paper copies of reports by emailing your request to invest@vecima.com

Where can I find Vecima Networks’ corporate documents?

Vecima’s mandates, policies, bylaws can be found in our Investors section under Corporate Documents on our website.

When was Vecima Networks incorporated and where?

Vecima Networks was incorporated as WaveCom Electronics Inc. on July 1, 1988 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

What are your office addresses?

Corporate Head Office
771 Vanalman Avenue
Victoria, BC, CANADA
V8Z 3B8

Primary Manufacturing Operations
150 Cardinal Place
Saskatoon, SK, CANADA
S7L 6H7

Duluth Office
4375 River Green Parkway
 Suite #100
Duluth, GA 30096 USA
+1.877.978.7363 Email: sales@vecima.com

Who is Vecima Networks’ transfer agent?

Computershare Trust Company
510 Burrard Street, 2nd Floor
Vancouver, B.C.
V6C 3B9
Tel: 604-661-9400
Fax: 604-661-9549

Contact Investor Relations

Vecima Networks Inc.

771 Vanalman Avenue, Victoria, BC V8Z-3B8. Canada
Phone: (250) 881-1982  Fax: (250) 881-1974
Email: invest@vecima.com