Vecima Demonstrates Interoperability and Distributed Access Architecture Leadership at CableLabs Plugfest

December 23, 2019

VICTORIA, BC – (December 23, 2019) – Today Vecima Networks Inc. (TSX: VCM) announced continued interoperability demonstrated at the Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA) Plugfest event held at the end of November at CableLabs in Louisville, Colorado.

More specifically, Vecima showcased key interoperable application programming interfaces (APIs), which are the basis for strong multi-vendor interoperability. These APIs support the upcoming, industry driven FMA specification and focus on the interaction between the management platform, or FMA MAC Manager, and access infrastructure, or FMA Remote-MACPHY Devices (RMDs). RMDs bundle the traditional DOCSIS MAC and PHY functions into a single low power, field deployable device.

“Vecima is committed to an open and interoperable, standards-based API between the key components of the Flexible MAC Architecture,” said Mr. Colin Howlett, Vice President of Architecture at Vecima. “Vecima has been a champion of bringing new software-defined technologies to the CableLabs standardization efforts. Our ongoing work to help define the next generation specifications will ensure multi-vendor interoperability and a flexible architecture that supports both Remote PHY and Remote MACPHY deployments.”

Vecima successfully demonstrated an RMD with DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems online and providing configuration information over the standardized FMA MMI (MAC Manager Interface) between the MAC Manager and RMD. This achievement showcases Vecima’s investment in DOCSIS MAC and PHY technology and provides a foundation for the further development of FMA-based technology. A cornerstone of that technology is the API between FMA devices. “The FMA MMI API, as defined by the FMA Working Group, realizes YANG models as JSON objects over a RESTCONF HTTPS interface. By embracing technologies from the innovative web and software-defined world, the Flexible MAC Architecture provides a foundation for the high reliability and high scale environment of DOCSIS access networks,” said Mr. Doug Johnson, Senior Software Architect at Vecima.

The Vecima Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) product portfolio is uniquely positioned for deployment today with investment protection as access networks evolve. With support for high value, legacy services, Vecima’s products deliver on the promise of interoperability without compromise.

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