Vecima Completes MediaScaleX Interoperability Test with Streaming Video Alliance Open Caching Testbed Initiative

January 18, 2022

VICTORIA, B.C. – (January 18, 2022) – Vecima Networks Inc. (TSX: VCM) today announces the completion of its first set of interoperability tests as a participant in the Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) Open Caching API Testbed Initiative. The successful tests demonstrate the Open Caching application programming interface (API) features that are implemented within the Vecima MediaScaleXTM platform.

In collaboration with other SVA participants, Vecima demonstrated that a Vecima MediaScaleX OpenCache Node could be provisioned via the Open Caching APIs and successfully deliver and cache video content on behalf of the provisioning upstream provider’s content delivery network (CDN). Such content delegation frees the upstream content provider of expensive delivery fees and provides the end user with an improved viewing experience without the headache of rebuffering and poor video quality.

The SVA Testbed Initiative is a collaborative effort among participating SVA members to demonstrate the interoperability, and the power, of Open Caching. Through participation in the Open Caching Testbed API Initiative, participants can demonstrate that their network caching products are 100% compatible with the published SVA Open Caching APIs.

Vecima’s existing Edge Caching technology currently enables a broad set of operators — across North America and the world — to deliver high quality IP video content to over 100 million subscribers. Through the application of Open Caching technology, this large cache footprint could be used to bring significant value to content providers and improved customer satisfaction to millions of video subscribers.

“Vecima is well-known and trusted for our MediaScaleX content storage and delivery solutions to help operators manage the ever-expanding volume of video traffic,” said Kyle Goodwin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Vecima Content Delivery & Storage. “Now, we’re bringing that same expertise to enable caching and delivery of over-the-top content at the highest quality – and while bypassing delivery fees to third parties. It’s another way we’re helping our customers optimize their video networks, delight their subscribers, and meet their business goals.”

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