Concurrent’s Laguna™ Cache Wins NewBay’s Best of Show Award

April 13, 2018

Laguna™ Cache developed by Concurrent Technology Inc., a Vecima Company (TSX: VCM), is the recipient of NewBay’s Best of Show Award, presented at the 2018 NAB Show by Video Edge. NewBay’s Best of Show Awards are evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts and are selected based on criteria for innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. With more than 1,700+ exhibitors, Laguna™ Cache beat out the competition because of its ability to help to reduce the cost of OTT service delivery and improve the end consumer experience.

As Concurrent looks to reduce bandwidth cost for OTT providers, its latest innovations in Laguna™ Cache, a comprehensive multi-tiered caching solution for video providers, is helping solve the answer for over-the-top (OTT) operators looking to deliver content to an increasing universe of customers without drowning in bandwidth charges. Laguna™ Cache offers content providers the world’s highest density caching solution, which reduces latency and network utilization to maximize the delivery of OTT and TV Everywhere (TVE) video services to their customers. “As you grow your OTT services with more video traffic to larger audiences, your success comes with an increasing CDN cost that many OTT service providers and content providers need to manage. Deploying edge cache solutions can dramatically reduce this cost of CDN distribution” says Clay McCreery, Chief Revenue Officer at Concurrent.

Caching is a critical component of any robust content delivery solution. Concurrent’s Laguna™ Cache is a software-based, high density streaming server with integrated intelligent caching features. With support for a wide variety of content formats and streaming protocols, it supports delivery to mobile devices, smart TVs, as well as classic set-top boxes simultaneously. In Concurrent’s highly innovative 1 rack unit (RU) configuration, which leverages the latest generation processors and high reliability 3D V-NAND flash memory, the Laguna™ Cache can ingress up to 50 Gbps, egress 100 Gbps, and cache 50 TB of content. The new 2RU configuration boasts ingress capacity up to 200 Gbps while egress increases to 400 Gbps, and cache triples to 150 TB. In either configuration, this level of capacity per rack unit is unparalleled. For Content Providers requiring massive scale, a single 2RU cache can now deliver tens of thousands of video streams to client devices in a fault tolerant, redundant configuration.

Key features of Laguna™ Cache include:

  • Unified Cache & Streaming: Provides intelligent caching for Live Streaming, Time-shift TV, cloud DVR, and Video on Demand services
  • Hardware-Assisted HTTPS: Enables high performance data protection by supporting content encryption requirements without losing streaming density
  • Support for Multiple Caching Scenarios: Laguna ™ Cache can be deployed at the Edge for maximized quality of experience and minimized latency, in Intermediate locations to save network cost, and at the Origin to reduce the storage I/O and Origin egress requirements
  • Optimized ABR Handling: Laguna™ Cache handles both caching and streaming of Live and VOD IP ABR formats including HLS, HSS, and DASH to deliver content to clients at higher speeds and with lower latency
  • Request Router Technology: Efficiently directs stream requests to the optimal caching server to maximize the viewer experience. Supports redundancy, session management, tokenization, load balancing and ABR profile groups for best in class operational performance
  • Flexible Deployment: Laguna ™ Cache runs on qualified COTS hardware, and can be licensed as a bundled hardware appliance, virtual machine, or container-based software package

“The NewBay Best of Show Awards at NAB are now in their fifth year,” said Paul McLane, NewBay Managing Director of Content. “The program seeks to shine a spotlight on relevant innovations in technology as seen around the million-square-foot exhibit floor of the industry’s top trade show. The list of 2018 winners gives real insight into where and how rapidly our media tech businesses are evolving.”

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