MediaScaleX // Cache™
MediaScaleX // Cache, a comprehensive multi-tiered caching solution, reduces latency and network utilization for video service providers to maximize the delivery of over-the-top and TV Everywhere video services to their customers.
MediaScaleX // Origin™
MediaScaleX // Origin offers video service providers the most comprehensive origin platform for ingesting, hosting, distributing, and distributing video content to any device, any time, over any network.
MediaScaleX // Storage™
MediaScaleX // Storage is a modern storage solution complete with a Ceph storage engine, robust and open management software, and options for software-only or pre-qualified commercial off-the-shelf appliance.
MediaScaleX // Transcode™
MediaScaleX // Transcode provides unsurpassed video quality through shared computing resources for processing of audio and video content.


Entra Access Node EN8100
The Entra Distributed Access Platform is Vecima’s realization of next generation Hybrid Fiber Coax. The Entra Ethernet-based Access Node supports multiple access architectures: Remote PHY, Remote MACPHY, Ethernet Switching, and PON.
Entra Access Switch
The Entra Access Switch is a remote cloud managed, 8 port x 10 GbE weatherproof switch capable of supporting Carrier Ethernet services in almost any deployment environment, designed to extend the capacity of networks with insufficient fibers while minimizing the use of expensive DWDM optics.
Entra R-PHY Monitor
The Entra Access Nodes are further empowered when paired with Entra Remote PHY Monitor: an intelligent monitoring and configuration platform.
Entra Legacy QAM Adapter
The Legacy QAM Adapter (LQA) allows operators to leverage their existing installed Edge QAM infrastructure for new R-PHY and R-MACPHY deployments with minimal new headend equipment, low interoperability risk, and support for mixed deployments of centralized and distributed access.


Terrace QAM
The Terrace QAM Hospitality Gateway is a multi-channel QAM to QAM transcryptor. The Terrace QAM can decrypt 24-60 programs and provide up to 64 output QAM channels to allow a full line-up of customized programming. Local content can be added to enhance value-added advertising within the hospitality CATV network and further personalize Free-to-Guest offerings.
Terrace TC600E
The Terrace TC600E is a flexible, compact and cost effective way to bring a digital line-up back into the analog realm for a commercial or MDU bulk account.
Terrace DVB
The Terrace DVB Commercial Video Gateway is a multi-channel DVB-C (QAM) to DVB-T (COFDM) or DVB-C (QAM) decrypting transmodulator used for business to business commercial video applications, serving video solutions to hospitality, healthcare, MDU and university locations.
Terrace Concierge
Concierge is a flexible solution allowing cable and satellite operators to offer digital video services to their commercial customers. Easily integrate Concierge into the headend to extend digital network infrastructure or use as a cost effective gateway solution for delivery of Free-to-Guest digital video entertainment to MDUs and hospitality accounts.
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Terrace View
Terrace View provides a proactive global monitoring and automated reporting system for MSOs with an installed base of Terrace commercial video products. Monitor alarms, CableCARD information, channel lineups and device information.


Hybrid CDN
OTT solutions that are delivering content “at scale” can benefit from the combination of a Private CDN and Public CDN – a Hybrid CDN. Control video latency, avoid CDN congestion, change the traditional CDN cost model and prepare for the exponential growth of video over CDN.
Post-Production Storage
Rigid islands of storage waste time and create manual work for Post-Production operations. Moving to software-defined storage provides flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness. MediaScaleX // Storage also provides the performance you need for ingesting, editing, archiving and even streaming.
Single Platform Storage
Media operations typically operate with multiple storage systems for different purposes, creating operational complexity and higher costs than the modern alternative – a scale-out, object storage-based platform that supports file, object and block protocols and uses multi-performance COTS hardware.
MAM Storage & Transcode
MAM workloads have grown exponentially with file-based VOD and OTT workloads, with transcoding at the heart of the processes. Vecima can transform workflow efficiency by combining transcode and storage functions in a hyper-converged platform.
Media Archive Storage
The TCO of tape is higher than you might realize, plus tape limits content monetization. Vecima can simplify your archive with a multi-workload storage solution that supports your content archive needs today and in the future.
Media Operations Storage
Highly scalable, software-defined storage leveraging object storage scale and COTS hardware efficiency allows for consolidation of storage silos, shared capacity for your entire workflow, and simplified storage administration.
Multi-Cloud Transcode
Media businesses produce many VOD and OTT assets, with highly variable workloads and deadlines. Achieve ultimate technical, operational and commercial flexibility with software-defined transcoding.
Security, Orchestration & File Transfer Acceleration with Scalable, Open Object Storage
MediaScaleX//Storage, Enterprise File Fabric & M-Stream combine to deliver a modern solution for hybrid cloud storage platforms. The solution enables media businesses to improve flexibility, scalability and efficiency.
Advantages of a Multi-Vendor Next Generation Access Ecosystem
CableLabs’ Remote PHY specifications allow technology companies to develop next generation access equipment that can interoperate, giving service providers the ability to expand capacity, flexibly. Evolution to a Distributed Access Architecture is here. Learn how interoperability ensures operators are prepared for an evolving network.
essential guide- hybrid cdn
Essential Guide: Hybrid CDN
The Media industry is moving into a space it has never been before – OTT at scale. Against this backdrop, this new CDN Essential Guide from The Broadcast Bridge and Vecima takes a fresh look at the future of OTT delivery. Tony Orme from The Broadcast Bridge starts with a deeper look into how CDNs work, considering the seismic shift of Broadcasters towards Direct to Consumer streaming. Vecima then applies over 2 decades of streaming video experience through its new “OTT Scale-Maturity Quadrant” that guides the reader through the key opportunities and pitfalls that OTT Operators face as they move to At-Scale OTT operations. This is an essential guide for any media business looking to reach true scale in OTT.
website-ebook-making sene of node segmentation
Making Sense of Node Segmentation
Cable access subscribers are consuming more and more video content over their broadband connections, and driving unprecedented network contention. Next generation cable access architectures can help. Learn how to evolve your network, and make the right choices for tomorrow, today.
OTT AT SCALE: Why Large OTT Operators Need Private CDNs
The world’s biggest OTT Operators chose Private CDNs to deliver economies of scale and service excellence. As OTT consumption grows exponentially, the next wave of OTT Operators led by national broadcasters and large Sports-streaming operators will benefit from the same approach. Find out why in this e-book from Vecima
Hybrid CDN
We are in the early phases of the OTT revolution. The economics of the industry are moving faster than predicted, and the time for broadcasters to take greater control of their economic destiny has arrived. It’s time to consider a Hybrid CDN approach.
Cloud-Extensible Transcoding
Most media businesses creating VOD assets deal with peaks and troughs of transcoding workloads. Cloud-based transcoding services have become popular to expand capacity quickly, with low set-up costs, and no long-term commitments. But early adopters of cloud services have learned the pitfalls of over-dependency on a single cloud service provider and are still looking for the optimal solution.
The Business Benefits of Object Storage
As content production increases and video resolution improves, media libraries are growing quickly, stretching storage platforms to their limits. Media businesses should consider how to ensure their storage doesn’t slow them down. Object storage is the modern platform, ideally suited for video.
How Archive Storage Affects Operational Efficiency
Media storage is a constantly moving target that will continue to change and evolve to meet the needs of viewers. Files are getting larger. Content libraries are getting bigger. You need a storage and delivery system that won’t buckle under the pressure. Will your storage systems help you succeed?
Innovations in Software Defined Storage for Cloud DVR and IP-Linear Digital Video
Published by SCTE-ISBE, October 2019. The emergence of object storage as a mechanism to store digital video has modernized the way video content is stored and distributed. Whereas legacy systems that utilize a traditional POSIX file system architecture store video assets as files within a directory tree, object storage allows for an asset to be stored as a “data blob” in a potentially large namespace. This method of storing data introduces a number of advantages for digital content storage and distribution.
Delivering QAM Video in Distributed Access Architectures
Published by ISBE-SCTE, October 2019. The shift from centralized access to distributed access architectures (DAA) represents a fundamental change in the operation of hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) networks. Operators are moving to DAA for a plethora of reasons.
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Never compromise on throughput and flexibility with Vecima cDVR
Industry leading scale and sub 2s latency with TruLive.

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