Vecima’s MediaScale™ Solution Brings Scalability to Super Bowl and Beyond

By: Kyle Goodwin, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Content Delivery & Storage
February 09, 2024

More than 100 million people are anticipated to watch this year’s Super Bowl broadcast on Sunday, Feb. 11. When fans watch the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs, they’ll be able to choose from viewing options that include livestreaming. And when they tune in, they’ll have a top-notch viewing experience, thanks to Vecima’s MediaScale™ solution.

Operators will likely see a massive surge in streaming demand for the big game, but MediaScale will allow them to come through in the clutch.

Vecima’s MediaScale solution is a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that ensure scalability, reliability and quality for entertainment-grade live video. Service providers can use MediaScale to launch live video streaming, video on demand, Catch-Up TV, ReStart TV and cloud DVR services to IP devices and traditional set-top boxes.

With MediaScale TruLive Streaming™, operators can seamlessly accommodate sudden spikes and fluctuating network demands that are often inherent with sports broadcasts and other live programming. TruLive handles escalating users, devices, and data requirements efficiently while maintaining pristine video streaming.

TruLive Streaming provides support for low-latency HLS in combination with a fast data path throughout the MediaScale product suite from source to egress. TruLive enables instantaneous fast-channel change and multiscreen synchronization. As a scalable solution, TruLive will adjust video quality for each viewer based on his or her network conditions, ensuring optimal performance and a smooth experience.

From kickoff to halftime, and to the final play, this year’s Super Bowl fans will enjoy a world-class digital experience with Vecima’s innovative technology.

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