Ultra-Low Latency
Leading technology pushes out segments fast, using HTTP chunked delivery for 2-second latency
Designed For Future Scale
Supports all formats from SD to 8k, designed for future scale
Serve Any Size Workload
100Gbps+ per rack unit cost-effectively supports any increases in streaming bitrates
Lowest Industry Cost Per Gbps
Combines flash and spinning disk for cost-effective recording and playback of any content
Automated failover with various deployment modes delivers uninterrupted streaming
Predictive Analytics
Content aware routing optimizes CDN performance and prevents system overloads

Key Benefits

  • Reduces core network bandwidth usage, contention and costs with high-efficiency intermediate & edge caching
  • Simplifies video delivery by unifying legacy QAM RTSP and IP delivery into a single CDN
  • Reduces cost of video delivery by leveraging highly dense, OPEX efficient, high throughput Cache servers
  • Enables a Hybrid CDN to combine the cost-benefits of Private CDN with the reach of Public CDN


MediaScaleX // Cache
MediaScaleX // Cache

Product Brief

Hybrid CDN Solution Brief
Hybrid CDN Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Hybrid CDN Whitepaper
Hybrid CDN Whitepaper

White Paper

MediaScaleX Product Suite

MediaScaleX // Cache
MediaScaleX // Origin
MediaScaleX // Storage
MediaScaleX // Transcode