Managing (and monetizing) the streaming video explosion with Open Caching

June 06, 2022


by Kyle Goodwin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Content Delivery & Storage segment


Video streaming continues to grow at explosive rates. Streaming subscribers expect the highest quality video experiences. Networks are strained, and operators and content owners are looking for the best way to manage (and monetize) video streaming now and into the future. Enter Open Caching.

Open Caching is a standard, non-proprietary architecture developed by members of the Streaming Video Alliance (SVA). With the proper use of Open Caching, operators can ease capacity in the network, lower the cost of using external content delivery networks (CDNs), and improve application performance, as well as reduce the backend load and create opportunities for new revenue streams.

Now take all those opportunities and add Vecima.

As a Streaming Video Alliance member, Vecima recently demonstrated that our MediaScaleTM Open CDN node could quickly be provisioned via Open Caching APIs and successfully deliver cached video content on behalf of the provisioning upstream provider’s content delivery network (CDN).

How Open Caching works

By routing streaming content through Vecima’s SVA-compliant, interoperable MediaScale Open CDN – installed at over 250 network operators worldwide, supporting millions of subscribers – content owners can reduce transport fees to public CDNs while enabling higher-quality, lower-latency video for the subscriber. Service providers can decrease bandwidth on backbone and interconnects, improve video quality by intelligently streaming content from local caches, and drive an incremental revenue stream.

Open Caching technology is only half the story. We are outlining a business model for both the streaming content owner and the service provider that will fundamentally change how streaming video is managed and monetized.

It’s time to reclaim cost, quality, and capacity. It’s time for Open Caching.

If you would like to learn more about Vecima’s MediaScale Open CDN and how it can help your streaming business, contact

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