Make the Most of Your FTTH Investments
4 ports of 10G EPON
Boost Your Network
Up to 4 ports of 10GE for uplink
Replaceable Components
Field replaceable optical modules (including PON optics), line card module, and power supplies
CableLab Standards and Interoperability
Supports Latest CableLabs DPoE Specifications
Seamless Integration
Integrates into a unified cable access solution and vDAA
Managed Device
Easily managed by the Entra Access Controller as part of the unified cable access solution

Key Benefits

  • Easily deployed fiber-to-the-home and business solution customized for the MSO market
  • Support for DPoE enables easy integration with existing networks and systems
  • Interoperability with 3rd party ONUs
  • High downstream and upstream capacity enables delivery of symmetrical multi-Gb/s services
  • Outstanding suitability for commercial services, multiple dwelling units (MDUs), hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) black spot infill, long lines and network spurs
  • Centrally managed and controlled by the Entra Access Controller


Advantages of a Multi-Vendor Next Generation Access Ecosystem
Advantages of a Multi-Vendor Next Generation Access Ecosystem


Entra SF-4X Access Node
Entra SF-4X Access Node


Entra Product Suite

Entra Access Node EN2100
Entra Access Node EN8100
Entra SC-1D Access Node_400
Entra SC-1D Access Node
Entra SC-2D Access Node_400
Entra SC-2D Access Node
FPXT-B OLT Line Card_400
Entra FPXT-B OLT Line Card
Entra-DAA Access Controller
Entra Access Controller
Entra R-PHY Monitor
Entra DV-12_400
Entra DV-12
Interactive Video Controller
Legacy LQA_Front_View_400
Entra Legacy QAM Adapter
Entra Video QAM Manager
Entra SF-4X Access Node 400
Entra SF-4X Access Node