Vecima Networks At Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies 2021

The following Are Webinars from Cable Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies 2021 where Vecima Networks was a  Platinum Sponsor.

Flexing DAA’s MusclesAfter years of trials and tribulation, cable operators are starting to deploy distributed access architecture (DAA) technology to shift headend functions and equipment to the access network, thereby expanding their capacity to deliver new, more advanced services and operate more efficiently and effectively. Now, with the release of CableLabs’ new Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA) spec, cablecos can freely choose among Remote PHY, Remote MAC/PHY, virtual CMTS and other DAA variants to meet their customer needs. This session will focus on FMA and other technology advances, as well as look at what has been learned from DAA deployments so far.

Vecima Networks  Panelist: Colin Howlett, Vecima Networks Chief Technology Officer


Getting Ready for DOCSIS 4.0Even as they squeeze more juice out of DOCSIS 3.1, cable technologists are rolling out yet a more advanced version of DOCSIS. The new DOCSIS 4.0 specs support the features of both Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX) and Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD), giving cable operators two different yet complementary options for expanding their bandwidth capacity and delivering symmetrical speeds of 25 Gbit/s or more. In this session, we will dive deep into DOCSIS 4.0, dissect how the new specs will work and discuss the industry’s upcoming plans for tests, trials and pilots.

Vecima Networks Panelist: Colin Howlett, Vecima Networks Chief Technology Officer


Fighting Fiber with Fiber – Fighting fiber with fiber has become the cable industry’s mantra. Even as they complete their rollouts of DOCSIS 3.1 and start prepping for DOCSIS 4.0, cable operators are racing to put more fiber in their HFC networks to expand bandwidth capacity, offer faster data speeds, launch new services, cut operational costs and compete with rival providers. Yet, even as they invest more heavily in fiber, cablecos face critical questions about how to leverage those investments to the fullest. This panel will explore where cablecos are going with fiber, examine the challenges they face and discuss the implications.

Vecima Networks Panelist: Kevin Noll, Vecima Networks  Principal Access Architect

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