Vecima Fills the Cable Access GAP

March 16, 2021

Published by Jeff White, Senior Vice President Of Cable Strategy at Vecima Networks, March 16th, 2021

Recently, I wrote a blog about my first 30 days at Vecima. It talks about Vecima’s acquisition of the Nokia cable access business, including the Gainspeed solution (check out this article from 2014 if you are feeling nostalgic!). The acquisition expanded Vecima’s cable access solution, and Vecima now delivers the industry’s broadest range of distributed access solutions.
Since that blog back in October of last year, Vecima has continued to make important technical and people moves to proving its commitment to the industry.
Strengthening the team. I spoke before about the strength of the team (and how nice the people are as well), and Vecima continues to recruit great people to the team. Recently we added 2020 Cable Hall of Fame Honoree, Jim Blackley to our Board of Directors. Before joining Vecima Networks’ Board, Jim served as Executive Vice President of Engineering at Charter Communications.
The addition of top talent does not stop there. Vecima continues to strengthen its team with many respected and talented industry people, and we have grown the team by over 100 people over the past year (yes, that includes you Dagmara Gwozdz, Paul Boucher, Ken Kerwin, and Kevin Noll).
Broadest and most advanced DAA solution. Vecima is the only DAA vendor to deliver and deploy both Remote PHY and Remote MACPHY. As the inventor of R-MACPHY, Vecima has an unmatched understanding and appreciation of the strengths of each DAA approach. As a result, Vecima uniquely helps operators identify and deploy the best solution for their network. If you want to dig in a bit deeper on this topic, check out our DAA: Deciding Between Remote PHY and Remote MACPHY whitepaper.
Driving the Next Gen. Vecima is committed to driving innovation. A recent example of Vecima’s long term commitment to the cable space is our investment in, and work on, the SCTE’s Generic Access Platform (GAP). What does GAP do? It defines common interfaces for plug-in modules within a standard GAP node housing. Visit the SCTE’s GAP web page for more insights into GAP.
Vecima recently announced a strategic commitment to the GAP initiative with the introduction of our GAP Node (see Light Reading article, “Vecima scoops up ATX’s ‘GAP’ node tech” ). Why does this matter? GAP solves some of the big challenges and costs that face the cable industry today –upgrading devices in the outside plant. The hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network continues to be one of cable’s most valuable assets and greatest competitive advantages, and GAP will allow operators to easily and cost-effectively upgrade fiber nodes with solutions like DAA, DOCSIS 4.0, and PON.
Leading interop. Beyond Vecima’s efforts on GAP, we are highly focused on both R-PHY and R-MACPHY interop. Vecima has already proven and deployed Remote PHY with all major CCAP vendors, and we have thousands of Remote PHY nodes deployed in multi-vendor environments. On the R-MACPHY side, Vecima has led standardization efforts on CableLabs’ Flexible Mac Architecture (FMA) and has already built much of the infrastructure for FMA into its solution. See Light Reading article, “CableLabs reaches key milestone on path to ’10G’.”
Vecima is committed to cable and dedicated to driving innovation. Vecima has pledged to deliver DAA solutions that support FMA, DOCSIS 4.0 and GAP. While many of the major cable access vendors are pulling away, Vecima is stepping forward to fill the GAP.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Vecima is always interested in hearing from you. With that in mind, please email if you have questions, comments, or ideas for future blog topics.


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