Supporting Multiple PON Technologies: One Standard Doesn’t Fit All

Vijay Raman, Vice President, Product Management
October 25, 2022

Service providers want to speed fiber to their subscribers and be assured that their investments can be optimized and evolved to fit future needs. They want to connect everyone and everything faster.

Vecima’s Entra® PON fiber solutions are an integral part of the Vecima Unified Access Architecture, which offers both Distributed Access Architecture (DAA, aka Remote MACPHY and Remote PHY) and Fiber to the Premises, allowing the operator to flexibly deploy the solution they need at a market, headend, or hub level.  In a nutshell, the Unified Access Architecture allows Cable Service Providers to implement fiber where they can, and coax where they must.

Vecima’s approach to PON is rooted in our guiding principle of delivering open, flexible, and interoperable solutions that enable our customers to future-proof their access networks and select a PON management solution and ONT (optical network terminal) vendor of their choice.

It’s this principle that’s behind our new Entra EXS1610 All-PON™ solution which supports XGS-PON plus GPON, 10G-EPON, and EPON technologies. We can meet the operator where they are in their deployment cycles, even if they’re ready to migrate to XGS-PON in one market but still focusing on GPON in another. In addition, many Cable Service Providers use 10G EPON and DOCSIS Provisioning, allowing them to leverage their existing DOCSIS management backend to quickly roll out services over fiber.

The Entra EXS1610 shelf is one key component of Vecima’s All-PON temperature-hardened solution portfolio, which includes Remote OLT nodes, Broadband Forum interfaces, and the Entra XGS Controller, with Vecima-built PON software. The architecture is a Layer 2 deployment solution, which is dramatically easier and faster to implement into a CIN (Converged Interconnect Network) architecture.

Flexible, purpose-built, and simplified integration

“All-PON”, in addition to supporting multiple PON technology types, also implies Vecima interoperability with several third-party ONTs/ONUs.  Vecima supports third-party ONTs through a comprehensive ONT/ONU interoperability program, ensuring no single PON vendor lock-in to specific customer premises equipment.

The EXS1610 is designed to tolerate a wide temperature range and can be installed in both data centers and remote cabinets. The carrier-class compact design has 1 RU (rack unit) height and 260mm depth, ANSI and ETSI-rack compliance, and all-front access, making it easy to install for an array of use cases including greenfield, hot-spot brownfields, rural, hybrid fiber coax (HFC) over build, footprint extension, and hub collapse.

As the market share leader for Remote Optical Line Terminals (OLTs), Vecima is constantly introducing new solutions that bring the power of connectivity to our customers. PON is in our DNA, and it’s that proven experience that our customers rely on to get to fiber faster.




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