Ingest, produce, store, deliver and stream your valuable video content, for Live Linear, VOD, nDVR, and Timeshifted TV services, with the ultimate in automated and scalable solutions.

  • User-friendly and flexible workflow automation to ingest, transform and deliver
  • Hybrid Object Storage provides COTS-based performance-tiers for object and file protocols
  • Combined Origin and Storage for best-in-class Cloud DVR performance
  • Integrated Transcode and Origin platform for Linear Live, Time-shifted TV and VOD services
  • Industry-leading Cache for high-throughput IP and OTT services via Private or Hybrid CDN
  • Assist managed service providers deploy and optimize TruLiveTM services providing sub 2s latency

MediaScaleX Product Suite

MediaScaleX // Cache
MediaScaleX // Origin
MediaScaleX // Storage
MediaScaleX // Transcode

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