Smaller scale, large impact.

How Independent Service Providers can meet bandwidth demands now and track toward the future.
August 08, 2023

Smaller scale, large impact

How Independent Service Providers can meet bandwidth demands now and track toward the future

by: Scott Raaf, Vice President, Product Management

In today’s fast-paced digital world, consumers are continuously seeking faster and better broadband experiences. Cable operators must consider how to migrate from the hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) and DOCSIS® networks of today to the 10G DOCSIS HFC networks of the future. While the hardware for broadband expansion is readily available, independent service providers are often caught between a rock and hard place; recognizing the need to upgrade their infrastructure but lacking the resources to do so.

It’s not just a matter of justifying the costs, but also managing the transition and deployment. Vecima provides a bundled solution that gives independent operators an efficient, cost-effective path to 10G broadband speeds and DOCSIS 4.0 modems, while providing immediate bandwidth improvement.

Embracing Distributed Access Architecture

To address the challenges posed by the traditional HFC architecture, cable operators are transitioning to Distributed Access Architecture (DAA). DAA shifts headend and hub functions to the node, effectively digitizing the entire fiber transport network. This eliminates the need for analog optics and allows support for higher orders of modulation, ensuring ample capacity to meet current and future network demands. By pushing the DOCSIS PHY to the node, DAA reduces the need for specialized analog optics and fiber nodes, creating a more cost-effective deployment with shorter lead times.

DAA significantly reduces space and power requirements at the headend and hub, making it a greener and more economical solution for operators. The higher SNR delivered by DAA also contributes to fewer truck rolls, further reducing operational costs. With improved SNR, DAA enables higher service quality and delivers an enhanced experience that can drive long-term customer retention.

 Vecima’s Small-Scale Remote MACPHY Bundle

Vecima developed a Remote MACPHY bundle for smaller cable operators that requires 10 or fewer access nodes. The bundle includes the Entra DV-12 legacy QAM adapter, which enables existing MPEG video QAMs to seamlessly migrate to a DAA environment, coupled with expert planning and deployment from Vecima’s Professional Services team. The solution is turnkey and scalable, to meet each operator’s unique requirements.

The Entra SC-2D, a key component of the bundle, is a Remote MACPHY node with high downstream and upstream bandwidth, resilient and flexible design, and increased capacity. The node enables higher service tiers, including gigabit services. It’s centrally managed and controlled by the Entra Access Controller (EAC), providing simple and intuitive configuration and management of DOCSIS and Fiber Access nodes.

Smaller scale, large impact

Orion Cable, a prominent California-based service provider for San Diego’s North County communities, selected Vecima’s Remote MACPHY bundle to meet immediate and future bandwidth needs. The solution not only facilitates seamless network expansion, but also expedites the deployment of Orion’s broadband services with the expertise of Vecima’s industry professionals.

Similarly, Vecima successfully deployed its Entra Remote MACPHY solution with Roome Telecommunications Inc. (RTI), a local provider in Linn County, Oregon. RTI needed to replace a legacy solution, and Vecima’s Remote MACPHY provided an efficient, cost-effective, and timely path to a broadband network.

DAA is within reach

Vecima’s DAA portfolio, recognized as the global market share leader in Remote MACPHY and Remote OLT solutions by the Dell’Oro Group, is deployed by operators worldwide. With its support for next-generation cable access technologies, high-value legacy services, and industry-leading interoperability, Vecima’s DAA portfolio empowers operators to deploy future-proof networks without compromise.

For service providers seeking an efficient and scaled-down solution, Vecima’s Remote MACPHY bundle is the ideal choice. With the industry’s leading Remote MACPHY solution and comprehensive services and support, operators can confidently deploy and manage their network evolution, stay ahead of the competition, and offer the latest broadband technology to their subscribers.

Contact Vecima to learn more about the Remote MACPHY bundle and embark on a future-ready network that meets the demands of today and tomorrow.

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