Live and File support for many input and output audio/video formats
Density Optimized
Up to 20 HD channels per rack unit
Codec Agility
No limitations with support for MPEG2, AVC, HEVC, TS, MP4 and CMAF
Ready for the Future
Any input 4K HEVC support
Software-based flexibility to adopt new codecs as soon as possible to reduce bandwidth costs
Seamless Publish
Single step channel publish with the MediaScaleX // Origin packager

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates Storage and Cache duplication by generating multiple audio codec streams for each video asset/channel using master-variant technology
  • Reduces OPEX using very dense transcoding solutions to reduce rack space, networking, power, and cooling requirements
  • Maximizes future flexibility with software-based transcoding, adaptable to new codecs and features on existing hardware
  • Enables software-defined transcoding in cloud environments for ultimate file-based workload flexibility


MediaScaleX // Transcode
MediaScaleX // Transcode

Product Brief

Multi-Cloud Transcode
Multi-Cloud Transcode

Solution Brief

Cloud-Extensible Transcoding
Cloud-Extensible Transcoding

White Paper

MediaScaleX Product Suite

MediaScaleX // Cache
MediaScaleX // Origin
MediaScaleX // Storage
MediaScaleX // Transcode