Supports up to 256 QAM Carriers
Demodulation of up to 256 QAM carriers, in four groups of four ports, independently configurable as 1x64Q / 2x32Q / 4x16Q with frequency re-use between ports
Convert QAM to IP from Existing Edge QAMs
Reuse existing Edge QAM infrastructure by converting encrypted content directly to multicast IP to serve broadcast & narrowcast QAM video on R-PHY Devices
Single 10 GbE Port for Video
Output video as UDP/IP or R-DEPI on a single 10 GbE port
Separate “Video Engine“ and “Video Core”
Deploy Legacy QAM Adapter (“engine”) and Video QAM Manager (“core”) separately so each can be deployed in the most operationally efficient location
SNMP (MIBs & Traps) for Monitoring
Integrate with existing network monitoring systems via SNMP, including customizable fields
Integrated WebUI & CLI for Administration
Use a dedicated 1 GbE port for remote administration via web browser or SSH

Key Benefits

  • Increases efficiency of CCAP deployments with pass-through of encrypted content
  • Simple conversion of QAM to IP (UDP o R-DEPI) improves success of IP deployments
  • Enables continued separation of QAM video and data services for operational efficiency
  • Eliminates analog video transport to reach maximum fiber efficiency with R-PHY


Entra Legacy QAM Adapter
Entra Legacy QAM Adapter


Remote PHY Monitor + Video QAM Manager
Remote PHY Monitor + Video QAM Manager


Entra Product Suite

Entra Access Node EN2100
Entra Access Node EN8100
Entra SC-1D Access Node_400
Entra SC-1D Access Node
Entra SC-2D Access Node_400
Entra SC-2D Access Node
FPXT-B OLT Line Card_400
Entra FPXT-B OLT Line Card
Entra-DAA Access Controller
Entra Access Controller
Entra R-PHY Monitor
Entra DV-12_400
Entra DV-12
Interactive Video Controller
Legacy LQA_Front_View_400
Entra Legacy QAM Adapter
Entra Video QAM Manager
Entra SF-4X Access Node 400
Entra SF-4X Access Node