MediaScale Storage: built for the future of video

October 07, 2019

MediaScale Storage is designed from the ground up to enable media organizations to consolidate object & file storage silos into massive cost-effective exabyte-scale clusters. A key enabler is a design feature we call Hybrid Object Storage – the ability to mix types of COTS storage hardware in a single, software-defined storage environment.

With Vecima’s 20-year heritage in ingesting, transcoding, recording, archiving and streaming video at high-scale, we know how to build and manage multi-performance, video-centric, mission-critical storage systems. We also know the importance of high-end security features, and offer options for secure access, hierarchical ACLs, audit logs and monitoring.

The MediaScale Storage platform is built on a scalable open source storage platform with wide industry acceptance. It has the critical features for protecting data in a large cluster –scrubbingto repair damaged data,proactive check-sum functionsto assure data integrity,in-service upgrades/hardware changesto run normal 24×7 operations, andscale-out functionsto add capacity during normal workloads.

Because we know that file-based applications are prevalent we support CIFS and NFS interfaces, which leverage exceptionally high performance through the most recent Ceph releases.

On top of that, because it’s what we do for most of our customers, we’ve created an optimized interface for ingesting, recording and streaming video. And we’ve also hyper-converged our own Origin and Transcode solutions onto the Storage platform to make best use of available compute, memory and storage hardware. In the end, we care deeply about our customers’ efficiency and we believe storage is at the centre of the video workflow ecosystem.

MediaScale Storage has been built for the future of video. Learn more here. Hear what our SVP Product, Ryan Nicometo, has to say on IBC365 here

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