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October 10, 2022
My internship story with Vecima Networks by Max – Former Vecima intern, current part-time Vecima software developer, and Computer Science student


During my time at Vecima, I have been a software developer intern, and a software developer as both a part-time and full-time employee. Vecima has been very flexible with me while I finish up my degree in Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan.

Before I joined Vecima, I had heard good things about the company, but I really learned about them at one of the computer science career fairs at the University of Saskatchewan. The Vecima career fair team was knowledgeable about the cutting-edge equipment they brought with them. They had a genuine passion for their equipment — it wasn’t just another product to them.

I already had an interest in networking and low-level programming work. It was exciting to see the Vecima equipment like the Entra Distributed Access Node. My Interaction with the Vecima representatives and type of work they described quickly confirmed that I would be interested in working for them in the future.

I was very excited and eager to start my internship at Vecima. As I completed my first week as an intern, I soon discovered that I was going to be working with an exceptional group of people. Vecima had a wide range of experienced developers to help their interns enter the industry. Having the experience of working with interesting technology and equipment is wonderful. I was in the internship program because I wanted to gain experience working somewhere that was interesting and challenging. I got that! Working with the technology surrounded by the passionate people at Vecima was an amazing perk and the reason I came back to work full time.

One of my expectations of working for a large company was that I would be treated as “just as an intern,” but the exact opposite happened. I was taken very seriously and was provided with challenging work. I was working on a real-world project that allowed me to see my contributions and the impact of my work in a way that school never did. The very first piece of software I was asked to design is still in production today on multiple Vecima products. It was such an improvement that other teams also adopted it for use on their products.

The highlight of my work as a Vecima intern was the High Split Converter (HSC). It was a brand-new product, and as an intern I was surprised that I was able to work on it from the get-go. I never expected that I would have that level of responsibility as an intern. I got to help define the scope of requirements for the product, and design it with the rest of my team.

I also developed a real-world industry perspective while working here that you don’t get from school or personal projects. Vecima encourages all their employees to learn continuously and to expand out of their comfort zone.

Before my internship, I had never experienced an Agile development process. During my time at Vecima, I have derived a lot of value from the Agile development environment. We constantly try new things and adapt our process to make it more effective. Our team is always willing to change something to evaluate if we like it or not. I had an experience using Agile after my internship, and it made me realize how important it is to put in that time and dedication to continuously improve.

As an intern, I had to work through feelings of imposter syndrome. The environment, teams, and mentors at Vecima all enabled me to grow into a confident software developer. The fact that they are working with me so I can stay a Vecima employee while I finish my college degree, has left me feeling great about beginning my career here. I’m planning to stay at Vecima for the foreseeable future.

The people are the reason why I came back to Vecima after my internship. Vecima employees are amazing. I work with a great set of people. They always take me seriously and provide great feedback that enables me to improve. For more information on our internship program, reach out to us at our contact page

“You don’t need to know everything to succeed, you just have to have a willingness to learn.”

Author: Max

Vecima Software Developer Intern

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