Conviva reports global streaming up 58% YoY in 2019

February 07, 2020

Conviva has reported (Advanced Television) that global streaming viewing is up 58% from 2018 to 2019, driven by consumers taking up services like Disney+ and Apple TV+ and by the convenience of consuming VOD content from IP-connected devices.

At the regional level, Europe grew 65%, the Americas grew 63%, while Asia grew by just 10% year over year but with signs of strong future growth as home-based connected TV viewing grew 243% year over year.

Fast growth in streaming means that more and more OTT Operators are searching for economies of scale – both technical and financial. Vecima’s new e-book, OTT At Scale: Why Large OTT Operators need Private CDNs, is a must-read for anyone considering how to deliver extra performance and profit as consumers demand more and more OTT content.

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