5 Ways Workforce Optimization Helps Independent Service Providers Adapt and Thrive

by: CaSander Parker
July 27, 2023

5 Ways Workforce Optimization Helps Independent Service Providers Adapt and Thrive

by: CaSander Parker, Vice President, Global Customer Program Management

You recognize the need to evolve. You understand the investment required. You’ve identified the technology to take your business model into the future. Now, how will you deploy it?

As independent broadband and pay TV providers compete to bring the best connectivity to subscribers with frictionless experiences, such as video streaming, Vecima goes above and beyond. We offer products and platforms strengthened by complete solutions.

Our Professional Services team helps service providers go to market quickly and efficiently with our scalable technology by providing engineering, consulting, installation, training, and increasingly relied-upon support with workforce optimization. Having a tailored, outsourced workforce optimization program will enable your organization to benefit from:

1. Efficient resource allocation
Workforce planning and talent acquisition can pose unexpected challenges when deploying complex data and video networks, especially in tight labor markets, where skill gaps widen. Workforce Optimization relieves the burden of resource management and helps ensure the right resources are allocated to the right tasks at the right times. In the process, we ensure our operators have the skills and experience needed to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and minimize unnecessary costs. Many of our technicians have held flagship roles for leading telecommunications brands.

2. Increased productivity
Resource allocation is only the start to Workforce Optimization. Next, it’s important to identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and continually facilitate enhanced productivity. Managing work schedules, tasks, and assignments efficiently can help increase the number of installations and repairs completed within a given timeframe. The efficiency gained also frees up valuable time and resources for your engineers to focus on other strategic initiatives.

3. Timely service delivery
Service delivery is the cornerstone of a positive customer experience in the broadband industry. An optimized workforce enables you to streamline operations and conduct installations and repairs promptly. By minimizing service timeframes, providers not only boost customer satisfaction, but also reduce the likelihood of customer churn. In today’s fast-paced broadband market, delivering reliable and swift service is a competitive advantage that can set your service apart and foster customer loyalty for the long term.

4. Cost control and resource management
Maintaining the delicate balance between overstaffing and understaffing is critical to controlling costs. We possess in-depth knowledge of the skills needed now and in the future, offering flexibility through tailored contracts that suit your operational needs. As your dedicated solutions provider, our vested interest lies in ensuring the long-term success and health of your business, whereas outsourced staffing agencies may not understand your business goals and how they relate to technical staffing.

5. Scalability and growth
Business growth often brings its own challenges. As you expand your subscriber base and perhaps venture into new markets, a workforce optimization strategy becomes essential. It effectively manages the increasing number of technicians, service requests, and operational complexities, ensuring continuity, scalability, and sustainable growth without compromising service quality.

Workforce Optimization in action
When a large, well-known telecommunications company needed technical staff to manage its IPTV system, Vecima’s Professional Services team stepped in and stepped up. The operator faced margin pressures following increased labor costs, and an increased risk of service disruption, which would affect end-customer satisfaction and ultimately jeopardize ROI. Vecima’s Workforce Optimization program ensured strong continuity by placing a resident engineer on-site. As requirements fluctuated, we added another Customer Success Engineer (CSE). This approach allowed the company to save significant labor costs while accelerating time to revenue.

Separately, a pioneering broadband provider recently engaged our Professional Services team for assisted operations support. Our proprietary tools monitor the IP video network remotely, maximizing system uptime and operational efficiency. Seamless operations are the norm as a dedicated Vecima CSE has complete knowledge of the network.

Customer experience is crucial for us, too
Like our independent broadband and pay TV partners, Vecima prioritizes customer service. Our mission is to power your launch and ROI using the best people, products, and platforms in the industry. Our dedicated technical field resources will integrate into your workforce seamlessly, promptly addressing customer inquiries, service requests, and technical issues.

There is power in connectivity. We’re here to help you tap into that power with open, interoperable solutions, backed by reliable professional services, that allow you to deploy faster, work smarter, and go further. Learn more.

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