Two-Way Interactivity
Enables Video-on-Demand (VOD), Switched Digital Video (SDV), management and other interactive functionality. Integrated web UI and SNMP allow for remote management.
Supports Distributed Access Architectures (DAA)
Supports R-PHY deployments as an R-OOB Auxiliary Core with downstream (DEPI) and upstream (UEPI) interfaces. Future-proof and ready for deployment of Remote MACPHY Devices (RMD) as part of the Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA).
High Density Out-of-Band (OOB) Controller
Supports up to 16,000 SCTE 55-2 enabled set top boxes in either DAA mode or legacy RF mode. For legacy RF mode, provides one downstream and up to eight upstream RF services groups.
No Set-top Boxes Left Behind
Provides a bridge to next generation access technologies for the millions of SCTE 55-2 based set-top boxes deployed around the world.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and future proofed to support a migration from traditional RF to Distributed Access Architectures
  • Proven to work in the SCTE-55 ecosystem, and dramatically improved density over legacy downstream and upstream controller solutions
  • Allows service providers to maintain their investment in legacy set-top boxes, and support consumer use of CableCARDs
  • Offers flexibility in management options, and provides improved statistics visibility to more easily identify infrastructure issues


Entra Interactive Video Controller
Entra Interactive Video Controller


Entra Product Suite

Entra Access Node EN2100
Entra Access Node EN8100
Entra SC-1D Access Node_400
Entra SC-1D Access Node
Entra SC-2D Access Node_400
Entra SC-2D Access Node
FPXT-B OLT Line Card_400
Entra FPXT-B OLT Line Card
Entra-DAA Access Controller
Entra Access Controller
Entra R-PHY Monitor
Entra DV-12_400
Entra DV-12
Interactive Video Controller
Legacy LQA_Front_View_400
Entra Legacy QAM Adapter
Entra Video QAM Manager
Entra SF-4X Access Node 400
Entra SF-4X Access Node