Cable operators must consider how to migrate from the hybrid fiber / coax (HFC) and DOCSIS networks of today to the 10G DOCSIS HFC networks needed in the future. For many this appears to be a monumental evolution.  For others, the technology impacts are nothing short of revolutionary. Read more in Vecima’s DOCSIS Evolution and the Bridge to 10G article published by Broadband Technology Report.
Continued Support for Legacy Architecture
Deploy Open and Interoperable DAA
Configuration and Monitoring

No Services Left Behind

Entra Legacy QAM Adapter (LQA) and DV-12 adapt QAM video delivery for DAA. DV-12 also supports legacy video CPE devices via Narrowband Digital Forward (NDF) and Narrowband Digital Return (NDR).
Entra Interactive Video Controller (IVC) supports DAA deployments as an R-OOB Auxiliary Core with downstream (DEPI) and upstream (UEPI) interfaces.

Configuration and Monitoring

Entra Access Controller (EAC) provides centralized, cloud-native configuration and monitoring from Vecima’s Unified Cable Access portfolio, including maintenance state, channel and network statistics and operational events.
Entra Remote PHY Monitor (RPM) provides visibility to critical operational and performance metrics across a multivendor ecosystem.
Operating as an auxiliary video core, Entra Video QAM Manager (VQM) allows operators to manage video independent of other CCAP cores.

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